Underground Cellar Wrought Iron Chandelier.

Our beautifully restored historic site is ideal for hosting weddings, rehearsal dinners, corporate functions, birthdays, and anniversaries. Our winery provides several different settings in one historical location. Contact us at (845-496-3661).

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Gift shop product.  Colorful horse hair butterfly.

Visit our beautiful gift shop and find unique gift ideas for family and friends. We stock Brotherhood brand wine glasses, corkscrews, and shot glasses. Brotherhood t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps are also on sale. We also offer artisan crafts from Chile.

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Multi colored grapes on vines.

Enliven your next party with one of our signature cocktail recipes. Impress your friends, family and lover with thoughtful mixtures of fruits, herbs, and wine. Discover a whole new way of drinking wine. Mix it up!

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Wood wine barrels in underground cellar.

Brotherhood offers wine lovers a guide on how to best pair wines and cheese. A successful pairing will reveal the unique characteristics in the food and wine, enhancing your experience of the good life. Our guide will make you feel like an expert.

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Wood wine barrel with Brotherhood Winery logo.

Cooking with your favorite Brotherhood wine can really enhance the flavor of many dishes and change the way you think about preparing food. By learning how to add wine to your cooking repertoire you will discover a new world of culinary possibilities.

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Coat of arms.  Underground wine vault.

Our experts will teach you how to mix delicious drinks, cook with your favorite wine, and even explain the difference between the various grapes and how different wines are created.

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