Underground Cellars


Experience the enigmatic atmosphere of Brotherhood Winery by taking a leisurely stroll through our vast network of underground cellars.  Excavated by hand in the late 19th Century, the dimly lit cellars house over 200 oak barrels and feature a crested vault containing some of the oldest vintages in America.  Our team of knowledgeable guides will reveal the secrets of these mysterious vaults and keep you amused with tall tales of folly and tragedy . . .

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Tasting Room


Book a tasting flight with Brotherhood today and treat yourself to a new world of exciting flavors and scents in our beautiful showroom.  In an effort to cover every imaginable wine preference, Brotherhood offers three unique tasting options featuring our inimitable blends.  Kick back and relax as we take you on an unforgettable flight through the heart of New York wine country and beyond.

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Grand Salon Lithograph


The Grand Salon is an early 19th century stone building with towering ceilings, hand crafted wooden floors, exposed wooden beams and ten foot round antique wrought iron chandeliers that all come together in a historic setting full of old world charm.

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Brotherhood Mansion.


The newly renovated mansion at Brotherhood was originally a large house built by Jean Jacques in 1837. At that time, the only other buildings on the property were the church and the brick building that currently houses the Gift Shop and Vinum Café.

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Art Space. Tiki Surfer.


Brotherhood Winery is pleased to support talented local artists. Stop by our tasting room to experience the art first hand. Our featured artist at the moment is Dan Yagmin. A brilliant illustrator who created our Halloween and Luau event graphics.

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