This is a sweet, rich, heavy-bodied ruby-red dessert wine with a velvety-smooth fruity taste. An ambrosial delight to sip with dessert and after dinner. Excellent with cheeses, nuts and apples. Will last for years.

(750 ml) $10.99 BUY


A sweet, full bodied, amber colored wine, with rich and velvety smoothness. Excellent as a sipping wine or after dinner. On hot days serve on the rocks.

(750 ml) $8.99 BUY


ICE WINE Limited Edt.

A delightful aromatic nose, this sweet, delicate and floral wine is so well balanced that it delivers a clean, almost dry finish. The acidity allows this wine to mature gracefully and develop stronger flavors, a fuller body and linger longer on the palate.

(375 ml) $29.99 BUY