Rosario’s traditional recipe was developed initially for the Church as an altar wine. Rosario’s blend of Concord and Niagara grapes combine fruitiness with sweetness in a delightful balance for those who prefer a soft, mellow table wine.

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The tradition of mulled wine in our country goes back to before the Revolution, when it was quaffed piping hot in taverns, inns and homes. Brotherhood’s Holiday Wine carries on this colonial tradition. Its moderate sweetness is balanced with tartness.

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May Wine, made by combining fresh flowers of woodruff, strawberries and young wine, has been used to celebrate the coming spring in Germany for centuries.

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A special celebratory Mead of old served at weddings and homecoming feasts, given to honor the knight upon his triumphant return. The Mead is sweet in style. According to legend, Sweet Mead was served to eliminate the bitter taste of battle.

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Using an ancient Ethiopian recipe and made from pure honey, this semi-dry, smooth, honey wine is light and refreshing. This wine has no sulfites.

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A blend of high-quality Korean ginseng with a sherry base. A sipping wine that also excels in the kitchen.

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This premium red wine is made with all natural orange, lime, and berry fruit juices. A light, dry, wine that tastes as authentic as home made wine punch.

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Make a splash with this perfectly balanced Rose. Not too sweet and not too dry, this wine pleases many palates. Happy Bitch Rose is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with aromas of melon, strawberry and orange blossom.

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Sweet Lolly Red wine is a blend of NY grapes, designed to bring out the sweetie in everyone! A fun treat for going out with your friends or staying in your cozies and watching movies with your besties.

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Sweet Lolly White wine is perfect for a pretty picnic with your partner. Sweet, fruity and crisp, it’s all you need to complete a pool party or barbeque in the park!

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