Brotherhood’s best selling wine, this beautiful Riesling has delicate floral and lime aromas and full, ripe flavors, off dry and very fruity. Perfectly balanced, with a long clean finish that goes well with salads, crab, or scallops, any mild cheese.

(750 ml) $10.99

(1.5L) $17.99 BUY


Crisp, dry and racy with grapefruit and pear scents, this Riesling exhibits the ripe fruit flavors and slightly mineral qualities of its fine European relatives. Dry enough to complement any seafood or a mild, nutty cheese, this is Riesling to match with dinner.

(750 ml) $10.99 BUY


This semi-dry, light pink wine has a fruity aroma, is well balanced, with a pleasant finish. These grapes were vinified as a white wine, cold fermented without the skins to maintain fruitiness. Excellent as a cocktail or with any meal.

(750 ml) $8.99

(1.5L) $14.99 BUY


This dry, white wine is well balanced and medium-bodied, with a slight hint of oak, giving it a delicate nose and clean, light aftertaste. It is an excellent accompaniment to a variety of lighter dishes.

(750 ml) $12.99 BUY