Brotherhood has a large and loyal customer base all across the United States. In order to meet growing demands, we work with reputable distributors that function as intermediaries between our winery and our customers. Although we strive to meet market demands, not all of our distributors carry every wine we offer. If you love a particular type of Brotherhood wine that cannot be found at your local wine shop, please ask them to order it from one of our distributors. The more requests a wine shop receives for our wines, the more likely that item will be regularly stocked.

Below is an updated list of the states that currently carry our wines. Local wine shops can use this information to order wine from us. If we do not have a distributor in your state please inquire at (845) 496-3661.


Hartley and Parker: Stratford, CT (203) 375-5671
Opici Wine Company of CT: Milford, CT (203) 876-2830


Vizcaya Wine Imports: Davie FL (786) 277-6034
(Carries Sheba Te'j (Red), Holiday, May, Rosario, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Ruby Port, and Cream Sherry)


Choice Brands: Atlanta, GA (770) 455-9177


Dimitri Wine and Spirits: Rockland, IL (309) 793-0055 (Carries Riesling)


Dimitri Wine and Spirits: Davenport, IA (563) 322-1411 (Carries Riesling)


Republic National Distributing of Kentucky (RNDK) (502) 254-8600 (Carries Sheba Te'j)


Legends, Ltd.: Baltimore, MD 410-918-2537 (Carrolls Mead & Sheba)
Mondo Vino; Rosedale, MD (410) 780-9463




Lohr Distributing: St. Louis, MO 63104 (314) 231-6400.

New Hampshire

Perfecta Wine Co.: Manchester, NH (603) 645-1234 (Carries Holiday Spiced Wine)

New Jersey

Fedway Associates: Kearny, NJ (973) 624-6444
High Grade Beverage: South Brunswick, NJ (732) 821-7600
High Grade Beverage: Randolph, NJ (973) 927-1400
Specialty Wine Merchants: Oradell, NJ (201) 634-4105

New York

Empire Merchants North: West Coxsackie, NY 800-724-3960
(Covers points North of Orange County)
Opici Wine Co.: Plainview, NY 800-648-9463
(Covers Westchester and Metro NY)
Trinacria Imports: Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 (Carries Sheba Te'j only)


WineBeerImports.com: Cleveland, OH 800-326-2793 
(Carries Rosario, White Zinfandel, Holiday Spiced Wine and Sheba Te'j)


Majestic Wine & Spirits: Wayne, PA (610) 902-9400 (Only carries Holiday)

North Carolina

Tryon Distributing: Charlotte, NC 704-334-0849 (Carry Carroll’s Mead)


Fleischer International Trading: Houston, TX (281) 563-9463


MT Distributing: Chattanooga, TN 37403 (423) 468-3391 (Carry Carroll's Mead & Sheba Te'j)


VA Imports: Alexandria, VA (703) 823-1230 (Carries Carroll's Mead and Sheba Te'j)